14 Months Old

Little Bear just keeps getting older.  I realized that I haven't even made a post since his 13 month birthday.  He continues to be a happy boy.  He LOVES books!!  He could sit in this corner of his room for a long time going through all his books.  I'm so glad he enjoys books.  

His list of words now are:
night-night, shoe, Sha-Sha (Shadow our dog), Duck, Momma, Dadda, Hi

He's really starting to exert his independence and attitude.  He has quite the scream when he doesn't get his way.  He loves to play outside on the playground, climb, go up the stairs and then slide down on his belly.  He'll bring me my shoes and sit with me while I put them on and then he'll grab his shoes for me to put on him.  He gets mad when he can't go outside.

Enjoys watching the cars go by

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  1. I Love You Through and Through is one of our very favorite books. We often will give it as a gift. A couple other good ones to add to your collection are How Do I Love You and God Knows all About Me.