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I am so excited the starter kits are on sale this month.  This is such a rarity!!  If you've ever wondered about essential oils, I would love to share what I know with you.  I started my journey with Young Living Essential Oils 2 years ago.  I had no intentions of selling them.  But, when you love something and see the health/wellness benefits for your family, you can't help but share.  The starter kit is already an amazing deal made even more amazing with this discount.  To buy everything separately at retail would be almost $400.  The kit pictured is only $144 on sale.  So, if you have a tax return coming, treat yourself to health and start your wellness journey.  Valentine's Day is coming and what a great way to show the love to yourself and your family!  
Not only will you get the starter kit, but you will get a team of people to support you as you begin your health/wellness journey.  There are so many other products offered by this company that allow your home to become toxin-free.   If you're unsure about buying the whole kit, and want to try an oil or two, I can get those for you.  Or I can send you a sample. Contact me if you have questions!!

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