Momentous Occasions

Well, this week was huge!  Little Bear got his first taste of rice cereal.  I've been think for about a week that he is ready, but I was rather hesitant.  After his day with CC on Wednesday, she confirmed it for me. So, Wednesday night when I got home from work, we tried it.  It was hilarious!!!  Little Bear had fun with it.  I'm not sure how much he actually got because there was quite a bit on his chin and bib.  But he enjoyed grabbing my hand and the spoon and putting it in his mouth.  He's a work in progress for sure.   He is also sitting up on his own.  After a while he starts to tilt to the side.  He can sometimes catch himself and sit back up.  Other times he falls forward or back.  We're having a blast watching him.  I've also started noticing him scooting on the floor when he's on his tummy.  I can't believe how fast he is growing.  Next week Sunday he'll be 6 months old.

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