22 Weeks Pregnant

So this week, Little Cub is about the size of a papaya - 8 inches and just over a pound.  This kid moves around a lot and likes to kick my bladder.  Blood vessels are growing and expanding and the lungs are making breathing movements.  That's so cool!!  The eyelids and fingernails are also completely formed.     Little Cub's pancreas is now making insulin and the lungs are starting to develop surfactant.  I'm amazed at what all goes on to prepare this child for life outside the womb.  That didn't just happen by chance.  There was definitely a designer/creator involved.  I'm so thankful I have God to lean on during this time.  I still have moments of fear that say something is going to be wrong, but God continually reminds me of his goodness and my need to trust in Him.

As for me, I'm still having trouble sleeping.  I sleep really well until I have to get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, which is usually about 1:00.  After that, I just can't get back to sleep.  Last night I knew I was keeping my husband awake, so I moved to the guest bed.  It was cooler in that room anyway.  I slept a little bit after that, but still tossed and turned a lot.  I've also had issues with restless leg syndrome.  I had the same issue when I was pregnant with Little Bear.  Some women from a breastfeeding support group suggested to drink a pregnancy tea and that would help.  I have some of that left, but I just forget about it.  Call it placenta brain.  Little Bear is actually starting to "kiss" my belly.  I don't think he really understands, but it's still cute.  Speaking of Little Bear, I have transitioned him to 1 nap a day now in the last few weeks.  So, no more morning nap for me.  Oh well. I'm definitely taking advantage of getting an afternoon nap when Little Bear does, even though I have tons of stuff to do around this house.

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