Happy 16 Months

What a big boy Little Bear is becoming!  He was so excited the morning I took these pics.  He was wanting to run around so much I had to snap them so quickly.  He also kept taking the sticker off.  He's really figuring out buckles on the high chair and stroller.  He gets mad if I try to fasten them or unfasten them.  He really likes to use a fork or spoon during meal times and feed himself.  He is a bit picky right now, but LOVES oatmeal, cereal in a bowl with milk, tacos, pancakes, fruit/veggie pouches, yogurt, and applesauce.  Since he's feeding himself now, he's rather dirty after meals.  Oh well, part of the growing up stuff.  He loves to be outside - and I'm so glad it's nice enough again cause we can spend hours out there.  One of the biggest things this month is that he's weaned himself from breastfeeding.  It's a bittersweet moment for me.  I've always enjoyed it and so has he.  I haven't been offering it to him for a while now and just breastfeeding him when he asks for it.  Well, since I worked this last Sunday, I didn't breastfeed him at all.  I was a bit sore Monday morning since the last time I had fed him was Saturday during the day.  Monday he didn't ask for it at all.  Tuesday morning he asked for it and nursed for all of 10 seconds.  It made me not hurt as much - which is good.  The last 2 days he kinda asked for it as I was putting him to bed, but didn't give in.  Part of me is glad he's done, so that I can have a break from it for a while before having to go full force with it when Little Cub arrives in August.

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