17 Months Old

Another month has gone by.  Little Bear is turning into quite the dare devil.  We had a big first last week.  I was at work and got a call from CC saying Little Bear had a big  "boo boo."  He was climbing into a chair, fell and bit his lip.  It was hard to tell via the picture she sent if he needed stitches or not.  I showed it to one of the doctors and nurses I work with and they both thought it might need stitches.  So, I was able to leave work, pick up Little Bear and head to the Emergency Room.  The cut didn't look too bad to me, but thought it best to have a doctor look at it first hand.  We were able to get right in.  The doctor thankfully said that stitches wouldn't be necessary.  The nurse cleaned it up and put some triple antibiotic ointment on it and sent us on our way.  I put the ointment on it for the next several days.  A week later, I'm having a hard time telling there was even a cut under his lip.  However, this last Tuesday and Wednesday, he was playing and fell again, re-injuring the inside of his mouth causing more blood.  He's been quite the trooper through it all.

On a more positive note, Little Bear is saying a few more words.  Outside, Micah, "moo," signs thank you.  He's really into climbing and doing things on his own.  He's still a little picky with food sometimes.  But, I can always count on tacos, grilled cheese, and pizza.
Love this smile - it's almost always on his face

He was starting to have a bit of a tantrum because I took away something he wanted

My climbing boy - he'll even start rocking the chair a bit and that's when we step in and say NO

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