31 Weeks Pregnant

So, I tried posting this a few days ago.  However, with our move, we haven't set up internet.  So, I've been using my phone.  Well, I did a full post and it's still in the process of being saved on my phone.  So, this might not be exactly how I remembered the original post, but oh well.  Little Cub is growing and getting stronger.  He/She is starting to kick me in the ribs rather frequently.  Little Cub is around 4 pounds and at least 19 inches long.  Fat is continuing to accumulate so his/her skin is looking more like ours.  Muscles are also getting stronger.  That would explain why my phone bounces if I lay it on my belly.  Little Cub even put on an acrobat show for my midwife yesterday.  This kid is moving and grooving.  The picture is not flattering at all.  But, I guess that's what happens when you use the self timer instead of having someone else take it.  

With our move, I've been rather stressed out.  However, at my appointment yesterday, my blood pressure was the lowest it's ever been.  I can only attribute that to God and His amazing ability to take care of me and my unborn child.  I was also glad to know that my weight is the same since my last appointment.  I gained 55 pounds when I was pregnant with Little Bear.  But, so far I've only gained 20 pounds with Little Cub.  With only 8.5 weeks to go, I don't think I'll gain another 35 pounds.  That makes me happy.

My parents have been coming up frequently to help with our move and Little Bear has become very comfortable with them.  He's even started saying, "Grandpa and Grandma."

Snack time with Grandpa

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  1. I immediately took note of the change of location in your photo. New house!