A Weekend Away to Grandpa and Grandma's House

So, a few weeks ago, I loaded up the kids and ALL their stuff and headed to my parents.  Papa Bear was off deer hunting so I thought it was a great opportunity to take the kids to see their grandparents and have them help with the kids while Papa Bear was gone.  I tried to coordinate the drive time of 2 1/2 hours with their naps.  However, it didn't work as well as I'd hoped it would either going down or coming back home.  That's OK, because overall both Little Bear and Little Cub did rather well in the car for me.  Little Bear had his blankie and "BB" and a video of Thomas and Friends playing.  As long as Little Cub had her "BB" she slept the whole way.  Just a few times did I have to pull off the road to put the "BB" back in her mouth.

While at my parents, Little Bear had a BLAST with Grandpa.  Grandpa took him to the park and they played for a long time.  The park was close enough to my parents house that they could walk.  I'm so thankful the weather was decent that weekend.  I stayed at the house with Little Cub and Grandma.  Grandma helped me make some bierocks.  If you don't know what bierocks are, you are missing out.  It comes from our German/Russian background.  It's a mixture of ground beef, cabbage, and spices inside a dough.  It's kinda like a turnover.  It is so good.  My mom makes a terrific dough and the filling is so easy.  I love to have them in the freezer because they are super easy to grab when needing a quick meal or to have to take to work.  I asked my mom to help me make them.  However, in her true fashion, she did pretty much all the work.  She made the meat mixture and the dough.  All I did was cut the dough into squares, put the filling inside, and fold the dough over to close it all in.  At least I did something.  Now my freezer is well stocked.

It was good to be back home and see some people I hadn't seen in a long time.  I think my parents had a great time showing off their grandchildren.  I'm glad they don't live too far away and can see their grandchildren at least once a month.
Bierock - not the ones I actually made, but look exactly like them

Little Bear all ready for the trip

Little Bear helping Grandma do the dishes

Little Bear had a blast with the toys at Grandpa and Grandma's
Happy boy playing outside at the park

He had so much fun going down the tornado slide

He wasn't so sure at first of this bridge, but soon was practically running across it

He got in this tunnel even though other kids were already in there - just one of the gang

He still wanted Grandpa right next to him after a while though

He loved pushing the stroller around

I was impressed with how well he stayed on the horse as it went around


Little Cub chats with Grandpa

So cute - need I say anything else?

Little Bear checking out the camera with Grandma

No problems on this slide even though it was rated for kids 5 and up
playing in the leaves

Trying to avoid brain freeze while eating a Frosty

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