Family Christmas

Every year Papa Bear's side of the family celebrates Christmas at our house.  This year we got together a couple of weeks before Christmas.  We gathered at our house since we live in the middle of the other brothers.  I love to host - even though it takes a bit of work. We don't exchange gifts with the adults, but we do with the kids and it's fun to watch.  This year I suggested the adults do a white elephant gift exchange for fun.  I put a limit of $10 on it.  It could be either serious or a gag gift.  Anyone who had a gift, could choose a gift.  We all drew numbers to see who would go first.  It was a fun time!!  I got some fishing lures, but luckily my brother-in-law stole them from me as he is a fisherman.  I ended up with a deer calendar which I gave to my hubby.  I think everyone had enough fun with that kind of exchange that they want to do it again next year.  Maybe I will get more creative.

It sure was a blast to see Little Bear with all the presents.  He had so much fun opening his presents and everyone else's too.  He definitely is a blessed little boy along with his sister.  Our family really spoils them both.

excited about his new train set

Opening cousin Jack's present

Aunt Amy putting together your new train tracks

Helping Uncle Jeff opening his white elephant gift

You were excited about the deer on the calendar

Shadow watching all the activity and feeling a bit jealous

Cousin Séamus and Little Cub

Uncle Rob helping you with your new mega blok tractor

Aunt Pat and Little Cub

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