23 Months Old

 So, I know this post is rather late.  Life here has been busy.  Then, the other reason is, is that blogger wasn't seeing these pictures on iphoto.  But, finally they showed up.  Little Bear continues to amaze me.  He continues to learn so much every single day.  He's great at moving the chair all over the kitchen.  He really likes to move it over to the counter to get any goodies he thinks might be there.  We really have to watch him because he's gotten on the counter before and that freaks me out.  He continues to love trains, farm equipment, and trucks.  He has quite the smile and loves to tease.  He's very friendly and enjoys saying hi to people wherever we go.  A few times lately he's even wanted to sit on his potty chair.  He never goes in it, but I figure I'm going to encourage his curiosity in hopes that potty training won't be so scary for him.  He's really becoming more independent and his curiosity about life and how things work is growing.  I love him so much and am amazed at how he is developing.
Do I really have to wear this sticker mom?

"Mom, since I was good and wore this sticker for pictures, can I have a snack?"  Behind this door is our food pantry and he runs to it all the time saying, "snack, snack."

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