So, I had a huge meltdown on Monday.  In my last post I mentioned the napping issue.  Well, it really hit me hard Monday.  The thought of letting Little Bear "cry it out" was just horrid to me.  After consulting some close and trusted friends, I came up with a plan.  The day was just awful.  Tuesday, I woke up with a totally different attitude.  I actually put make-up on, which does wonders for my mindset.  I instituted the plan with Micah's first feeding of the day.  Since I had Bible study at 9 on Tuesday, I put Micah in the carseat around 8:30 and headed out the door.  He was asleep quickly and stayed asleep till his next feeding at 10.  Then he went back in the carseat shortly after 11 and we left the church.  I had a few errands to run which he slept through.  Then I decided to meet Mark for lunch while Micah was still sleeping.  Micah didn't wake up till his next feed at 1.  Then around 2 we went for a walk.  When we got back home, I got him out of the carseat, carried him on his tummy and laid him in the crib - yes, on his tummy.  He stayed asleep for an hour and 45 minutes.  Yea!!!  He ate at 4 and then we played for a while.  I could see his sleepy signals coming on.  I snuggled him a bit and then laid him down.  He cried for less than 10 minutes and was asleep.  While it was just one day, it was a huge success for me.  It has given me the courage to keep at it.  Now, this week has been a bit busy with something every morning.  So, several naps have either started in his carseat or been entirely in his carseat.  However, he is starting to learn to sleep in his crib.  This is a huge relief for me!  It's given me some much needed "me time."  We still have a ways to go before I feel like Little Bear has the "napping in his crib" down pat.  Being the ICU nurse that I am, I love how we've gotten a routine down to the day.  It's helped calm my spirit, given me a boost of confidence as a new mother, and allowed me to do some things around the house that are hard to do while wearing Micah in a sling.  It's also given me the reassurance that while I'm at work, Micah will be able to nap for those who care for him.

I also wanted to give an update on the bottle feeding issue.  Micah has taken the bottle from me, but fussed.  For Mark, he has usually spit everything out.  Well, last night while I was upstairs having some "me time," Mark left Micah in the bouncy seat to feed him.  He actually took the bottle.  They moved to the couch half-way through, but Micah then refused the bottle and really fussed.  So, back in the bouncy seat he went.  He took the remainder of the bottle without ANY issues.  Yea!!  This was a huge encouragement to both Mark and I.  It was a blessing to me to see the relief and victory on Mark's face.  Hopefully it will go just as well tonight.

Little Bear is "talking" to the giraffe.  He loves sitting in the swing and playing with the rattles and giraffe

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